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Make your meetings, visual collaboration, and project management more productive with Stormboard for Microsoft Teams!

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Add a Tab

Adding Stormboard to Microsoft Teams allows you to provide quick access to your Storms (what we call your digital workspace) or share a Storm without ever leaving the application.


Import Storms directly to Tabs

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Add existing Storms, or create new ones right in your Teams workspace! Anyone with access to the channel will be able to view the Storm, add new content, or check in on progress ensuring that planning sessions, agile sprints, daily status updates, and more run seamlessly.


Stay up-to-date

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Missed a meeting? No problem! Stay up-to-date on everything that is happing in your Storms — like new content, comments, assignments, and users. These notifications show up in Teams as a conversation with the Stormboard Bot.

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Work better together with Stormboard and Microsoft Teams!

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