Stormboard + Microsoft

Stormboard integrates with your Microsoft workflow to ensure you never miss anything happening in your meetings or projects. Our Teams and Flow integrations make the exchange of data automatic so you can focus on growing your great ideas and not on the technical details, and the built-in Office 365 Online Integration makes exchanging ideas and moving between multiple projects seamless.

Built-In Office 365 Online Integration

The Office 365 integration allows you to add files and photos from your OneDrive, and upload, create new, and co-edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs. You can then create reports in Office docs that can be used as meeting minutes, presentations, and more.

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Surface Hub

Stormboard for Surface Hub makes your in-person meetings and remote collaborations innovative, efficient, and effective by utilizing the Hub’s integrated handwriting recognition for multiple users, pen and touch, the ability to quickly start collaborating, and more!

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Windows 10 App

Our native Windows 10 App allows you to use all the features of Stormboard in pen, touch, and tablet mode.

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Teams Integration

Stay up-to-date on all of the activity happening in your Storms by integrating your Stormboard account with your daily workflow in Teams. You’ll receive instant notifications when any changes are made in your Storms so you can stay on top of all your tasks in one place.

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Flow Integration

Use Flow to create automated workflows between Stormboard and your favorite Microsoft apps in order to seamlessly connect your Storms with your business processes.

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Azure AD

Azure AD Integrating Stormboard with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) will allow you to control who has access to your Stormboard account, easily enable and disable users, and manage all accounts from a central location.

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